Summer Learning


The National Summer Learning Association is an organization focused on providing resources, guidance and support to the summer learning community.

Main Point
Summer learning loss is an issue that disproportionately affects the academic achievement of low-income students.

What You Get
The definitive resource on summer learning. The site connects users with professional development opportunities, published research on summer learning loss and its effects, as well as public policy initiatives.


Check out the resources for summer camps, offered in collaboration with American Camp Association

New Horizons

To get an overview of summer learning loss, read "Why Summer Learning Loss Deserves a Front-row Seat in the Education Reform Arena,by Brenda McLaughlin and Jeffrey Smink of the National Summer Learning Association.

Main Point
Interested in a quick primer on summer learning and the available research? This article is for you!

What You Get
A brief history of summer programs, summary of applicable research, and recommendations of ways to prioritize summer learning.

Note the discussion on ways summer learning loss may contribute to the achievement gap




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