Blueprint for Texas ACE

Texas ACE Blueprint
Texas ACE Blueprint Appendices

TEA created the Blueprint to provide guidance for all of the 21st Century Community Learning Center programs. The Blueprint offers a foundation of critical elements, grant requirements, and research-based practices, on which all stakeholders will focus. It also provides the context for communication, training, and quality assurance. It is organized around the four components of Program, Data, Fiscal, and Quality Assurance Requirements. There is also a fifth section covering Additional Support.

- The Texas ACE Blueprint for Cycle 9 version 3 was published on 10-16-2017.
- The Texas ACE Blueprint for Cycle 8 version 7 was published on 10-16-2017.

icon-blueprint-smallThe entire Texas ACE Blueprint for Cycle 8 or Cycle 9 may be downloaded in PDF format.  

Cycle 8:

Texas ACE Blueprint for Cycle 8 (PDF)​

Cycle 9:

Texas ACE Blueprint for Cycle 9 (PDF)​

icon-blueprint-small You may download individual appendices from the "Appendices" section below. Please note that individual appendices are in various formats to allow customization and general usage.

Appendix 1 - Instructions for Accessing the RFA
Appendix 2 - Resources for Needs Assessment
Appendix 3 - Needs and Assets Inventories
Appendix 4 - Strategy Development Worksheet
Appendix 5 - Potential Advisory Council Members
Appendix 6 - Four Component Activity Guide
Appendix 7 - Activity Alignment Form
Appendix 8a - Texas ACE Activity Unit
Appendix 8b - Texas ACE Lesson Plan
Appendix 9 - Sample Student Referral Form
Appendix 10 - Sample Center Schedule​
Appendix 11a - Sample Enrollment Packet 
Appendix 11b - Parent Handbook Template
Appendix 12 - Family Engagement Specialist Guide 
Appendix 13 - Sample Family Survey
Appendix 14 - Supply Inventory Template
Appendix 15 - Sample Memorandum of Understanding with Campus Leaders
Appendix 16 - ACE Safety Self-Assessment
Appendix 17 - Grant Change Processes and Procedures
Appendix 18 - Sample Job Descriptions
Appendix 19 - Written Agreement with External Partner​ Template
Appendix 20 - Staff Handbook for Policies and Procedures Template
Appendix 21 - Staff Training Schedule Template
Appendix 22 - Sample Staff Observation Form
Appendix 23 - Accessing TX21st
Appendix 24 - Written Agreement with PEIMS Coordinator/District Template
Appendix 25 - TX21st Checklist and Calendar 2017 thru 2018
Appendix 26 - Direct Costs Funding Workbook
Appendix 27 - Estimated Activity Cost Worksheet
Appendix 28a - Budget Expenditures Tracking Form
Appendix 28b - Supply Request Form
Appendix 29 - Monthly Budget Update by Center Workbook
Appendix 30 - Funding Reduction Policies
Appendix 31 - Independent Evaluation Guide (2016-2017)
Appendix 32 - Key Task Assessment Procedure (2017-2018)
Appendix 33a - ACE Project Plan Template (Cycle 8 only)
Appendix 33b - Center Logic Model Template (Cycle 9 only)

Note - The appendices are in different formats to allow easy customization and usage. While some may show on the screen, others will download directly to your computer.