Program Requirements

Intentional Activities
Operations & Talent Management
icon-int-activity-smallOut-of-school time provides a great opportunity to deliver innovative and engaging activities to students and their families that expand on the school day. Be creative when planning activities, but also investigate and integrate elements of those that have shown impact. Project Directors should work collaboratively with their Community Advisory Council, Site Coordinators, partners, and school day staff to: 

Create targeted activities and lesson plans.
Ensure the quality of the activities.
Coordinate the logistics of these activities to ensure timely delivery.

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icon-engagement-smallThe scope and goals of a Texas ACE program must reflect the needs of the students and families you intend to serve at each center with an overarching focus on school-community engagement. When ACE programs reach out to and engage families everyone stands to benefit—youth, family members, programs, communities, and even schools.

All Grantees must retain a Family Engagement Specialist to coordinate family and community involvement in programming.

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icon-ops-smallPlanning and project management of this grant is the most critical element for ensuring success. There are many moving parts to the ACE program, and there must be an effective operation and talent management structure in place with strong processes and leadership in order to pull all the components together, adhere to requirements, and provide high-quality, safe, secure, and appropriate programming for all participants.

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Field Trip Request Form

Texas ACE Outreach

Regular outreach and communication with key program stakeholders from the beginning and during the life of the grant is key for creating an enduring program. One strategy is to use the ACE Outreach materials that TEA provides for Grantee use. Another element of outreach is program branding. Both can build a strong case for sustainability while promoting the good work that Texas ACE Programs accomplish. Please peruse the resources below that have been provided for you.

ACE Branding User Guide

ACE Poster - Blue
ACE Poster - Green
ACE Poster - Red
ACE Poster - Yellow
ACE Poster - All Four

English ACE Program Brochure - Blue
English ACE Program Brochure - Green
English ACE Program Brochure - Red
English ACE Program Brochure - Yellow

Spanish ACE Program Brochure - Blue
Spanish ACE Program Brochure - Green
Spanish ACE Program Brochure - Red
Spanish ACE Program Brochure - Yellow

English ACE Elevator Speech
Spanish ACE Elevator Speech

ACE Press Release Template

English Door Hanger - Blue (Front / Back)
English Door Hanger - Green (Front / Back)
English Door Hanger - Red (Front / Back)
English Door Hanger - Yellow (Front / Back)
English Door Hanger - Plain (Front / Back)

Spanish Door Hanger - Blue (Front / Back)
Spanish Door Hanger - Green (Front / Back)
Spanish Door Hanger - Red (Front / Back)
Spanish Door Hanger - Yellow (Front / Back)
Spanish Door Hanger - Plain (Front / Back)

Texas ACE Program One Pager

Business Engagement Letter Template

ACE Community Outreach Tracker

Coming Soon
- Center Overview Brochure (English & Spanish)
- Texas ACE Thank You Note Template
- Texas ACE Supporter Sticker Template