Data Requirements

icon-data-collect-smallIt is strongly recommended that each Grantee create a set of documented policies and procedures for data collection, management and reporting, share those policies and procedures with district or agency leadership, and provide training for all staff. These policies should be included in the program’s policy and procedure manual and reviewed by the appropriate fiscal agent’s administrator. TEA also expects for each Project Director to conduct regular monitoring of staff at each center to ensure that the policies are being implemented appropriately.

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Appendix 19 - Staff Handbook for Policies and Procedures (PDF)
Appendix 21 - Accessing TX21st Process Guide (PDF)
icon-reporting-smallTEA staff reviews and analyzes data collected from each Texas ACE Grantee each term (fall, spring, and summer) through TX21st to ensure that all programs are meeting state and federal programmatic requirements and as a strategy for identifying best practices and programmatic needs. 

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TEA Data and Reporting Page
icon-tx21-smallTEA has created several support documents to help grantees learn how to use TX21st Student Tracking data system. Use the Find a Resource option to discover more information on the system. The TX21st system also has embedded tutorials to help guide you along with way.

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TEA Overview and Help Page
Appendix 21 - Accessing TX21st Process Guide (PDF)
Appendix 22 - Memo to Superintendents Outlining TEA Data Requirements (PDF)

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