Innovation Webinar - Virtual & Augmented Reality

Texas ACE
by Brian Salisbury | Apr 19, 2017


We started the Innovation Lab Webinar Series to highlight or showcase best practices that inspire creativity in programming. In the past, we have shared such programs like the Smithsonian Digital Quests, Google CS First, and examples from the field. We hope you will join us for all.


Augmented & Virtual Reality
What is AR & VR and how can I use them in my program? Find out!
Date:     Thursday, May 4th - 1 pm - 2 pm
URL: (open link)
Audio:  (712) 775-7031 / Room #995-583 / VOIP Available

This completes our Innovation Lab Webinar Series for the 2016-2017 Texas ACE Training Year. We look forward to your feedback to help guide next year's training calendar and events.